Top 5 Reasons You Should Play Corepunk

Are you looking for a top-down MMORPG that utilizes fog of war? Maybe you are interested in having a variety of professions, participating in battlegrounds or fighting challenging monsters. Guilds? Farms? Quests? Or maybe profound lore? Well that is everything that you will have in this newly announced game Corepunk. Here are the top 5 reasons you should play Corepunk!

Number 5. It looks like the developer Artificial Core knows what they are doing! It’s just a feeling I have! Even their announcement trailer had a ton of gameplay footage which I was surprised since it was literally just announced. I also think that their website provides a lot of information and goes in depth into the systems in the game already, You can even dig deeper much deeper into the game mechanics if you look on their forums. There were some early concerns about game speed but one of their producers made a specific video addressing this. The game even though it is not due out for a while already looks well polished. Even though I haven’t heard about other games from this developer it seems everything they are doing is thought out and organized. I already have a lot of faith that they will put out a quality product!

Number 4. The world of Corepunk looks amazing! Based of the gameplay footage we have seen it looks to be a bright vibrant world to explore. It looks like a steampunk fantasy mix up which I think is a good break from the traditional fantasy MMOs. You can tell the characters and armor sets are trying to be light-hearted but still excellent quality and matching to the world they are in. I think there are a lot of unique things they can do in the world in terms of dungeons and bosses considering the theme they are trying to convey. I totally anticipate some awesome monsters that I haven’t yet seen before in an MMO!

Number 3: Diverse classes, looks like 12 characters to choose from and the ability to choose from 1 of 3 specializations. Not much has been shared on these characters yet or what they can do but its good to see a wide array of options. I just hope that there is some character customization available, a lot of these top down games don’t have that but I still think its important considering this is an MMORPG and uniqueness is a huge draw for people

Number 2: Karma System: The karma system is the accumulation of karma points for attacking and killing other players. This is how one of the developers explained the system.

There is a certain threshold of karma points. Upon reaching it the player becomes a criminal. 

If player gets Criminal status that makes him hostile to all. 

Karma points are not awarded For attacking and killing the “Criminal”. After the death of the criminal, an item drops from his equipped artifacts or weapons. And for killing a criminal you will receive an increased number of Honor points.The game uses the “white, green, yellow, red” system. This is defines the relationships between players.You can understand your relationship with the player by the color of his hood.

Red – is the enemy. Karma points are not given for attacking and killing these players.

Yellow – is a neutral player. You will not touch such players with AoE abilities, you will not be able to use offensive abilities in them, without PvP mode enabled. As soon as you turn on PvP, you can attack any player, but if you attack a neutral player, you will get karma for killing him.

White – a neutral player below you at 3 or more levels. The rules are the same as for yellow, but for killing such a player you will get a lot of karma points and immediately become a criminal.

Green – is simple – these are members of your party and raid. You won’t be able to attack them.Earning karma points depends on the difference in levels between the players. In order to become a criminal you will need to kill about 100 players of your level. However if the difference in levels is 3 or more, then for killing such a player you will automatically become a criminal. Karma will increase only to the one who attacked first – the Aggressor. If you were attacked, and on the defensive you killed the attacker, then you will not get karma points. 

Number 1: Fog of War! So after watching the announcement trailer the first thing I thought about was the fog of war, I can’t think of any MMORPG that utilized this before and I thought it was a brilliant idea. When I am playing an MMO one of my favorite things is when the world seems bigger than you, when WoW started having flying mounts I really didn’t like that because you could just fly over everything and you didn’t seem so much parter of an immense world. I think Fog of War is another way to make you feel like you are part of this huge environment that you are just working to discover. You always have to be alert on what could be lurking in the shadows whether its a big elite monster or maybe even a group of rival players!

So those are the top 5 reasons you should play Corepunk! Let me know if you the comments if you have other reasons to be playing this game!