The Best Starting Temtems To Use

Temtem, a massively multiplayer online creature collector game, has graced our lives 

since the start of this year. It’s the alternative to the wildly popular Pokemon franchise everyone was hoping for to hopefully light a fire under the franchise to give us what we wanted as far as content is concerned. Whether Temtem is better than Pokemon is up to personal preference, but for now, it seems to be taking social media by storm and quickly becoming a successful game in its own right. However, one thing Temtem does similarly to Pokemon is making us decide between a handful of starting monsters. It’s something that’s plagued our decision-making ability since we were children and Temtem doesn’t change the formula. Let’s take a look at the Temtem starters.

Much like the Pokemon starters, the Temtem starters, Crystle, Smazee, and Houchic are all completely different. They have completely different stats, strengths, and weaknesses, and for new players who are not familiar with the meta, it could be a little intimidating.

Crystle is your first choice, and if you didn’t pick it up from the name, it is a crystal Temtem. Crystle has the highest HP of all the starting Temtems and focuses on defense. Crystle is weak to fire and earth but is strong against electric and mental. 

Smazee is your next Temtem choice and great for those who want to focus on attack. Plus, it’s just plain adorable. Of course, it’s entire purpose is to scratch your face off with its focus on speed, but as long as it’s on your team, you should be fine. Smazee is weak against mental, but strong against earth and crystal. 

Finally, Houchic is the last starting Temtem available. We’re not exactly sure what it is, but it’s the Temtem of choice for those who want to focus on special non-melee attacks. Houchic is only weak against crystal, and it’s strong neutral and melee, but it starts with lower HP than the others.

Hopefully, you make a well-informed decision on who you would like to start your Temtem adventures with!