Rockstar is Developing A New MMORPG Game Set in Medieval Europe

The gaming world is divided as the good guys and the bad guys. The main divider is the microtransactions in games. But sometimes content plays a part. That is where Rockstar even though it has a lot of microtransactions in their games, considered as good guys. Rockstar is without a doubt one of the biggest game studios. Their success with GTA and Red Dead Redemption series already made them legends. Of course, on top of this, they earned billions from microtransactions alone. But Rockstar always did some great games. Recent leaks suggest that Rockstar might be developing a new game set in Medieval Europe. 


This might come as a shock because Medieval Europe is fairly different from what we have seen from them before. GTA is modern-day and Red Dead Redemption is western. We did not see Rockstar games taking a direction towards medieval let alone Europe. However, this is very interesting and it might because of the recent successes of Medieval games such as Kingdom Come Deliverance. Of course, Rockstar is a very big company and they can deliver any game with high quality. They have some of the best game designers in the industry along with best writers. Also recently they have stated that they want to publish a new game every year. This was never the case before because they generally published every 2 years sometimes even longer.

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However, according to the leakers, the signs of a new Medieval Europe story is on the cards and the easter eggs are already in the game. One hint that we can confirm is the opening prologue of Red Dead Redemption 2. In the prologue, John Marston asks Jack If he is still in the books about Wild West and Jack responds as he’s more interested in medieval books now. Another interesting thing is the job posts at LinkedIn posts by Rockstar games. Of course, these are all rumors. However, Rockstar making a new IP is exciting. Most probably this game will also have an online version making it much closer to an MMORPG.

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Generally Rockstar games online versions are great. GTA Online is one of those examples and still going strong and receiving updates even years later after the release. Of course in a Medieval Europe concept, the world can be much bigger than what we are seeing now. Rockstar Games is also working for GTA 6 however there is no news at that front besides rumors. Rockstar CEO announced last year that they have a great content pipeline for the future. This means that they are probably working on several different projects already.

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We do hope that a medieval work game is in the works because it will have an amazing world without a doubt if Rockstar Games are developing the game. However, keep in mind that this game will be completed for the next generation consoles most probably and will feature a much bigger world than todays games, so prepare to upgrade your systems if you want to play comfortably.