Playing Dauntless in 2020

Dauntless 2020
Image Credit: Phoenix Games

Dauntless is without a doubt one of the best free-to-play MMOs out there. The game is developed by Phonenix games and they are doing a pretty good job with updates. Recently Garena bought Phoenix Labs but this did not change anything in the teams. They are trying to listen to their community and making updates in that order. There is a lot of versatility in Dauntless, and the main reason for this is the cross-play capabilities. Even big AAA games generally do not have a cross-play feature after the success of Fortnite with cross-play we are expecting more games to utilize it. In December 2019 Dauntless had some big updates and many changes came with it, however, the updates will continue in 2020. Let us check what does Dauntless has for us in 2020.

New Behemoth

In Dauntless Behemoths are the monster we fight. They are numerous and always dangerous with their attacks. Your goal is to make a good team and eliminate these monsters before they eliminate you. In December we have seen Malkarion coming into the game. However, there are other Behemoths in works as well. Phoenix Labs announced this Behemoth as ” Whispers have been circulating of something new. Something big. Something with a primal fire flickering behind its eyes. Stay alert, Slayers.” This is interesting and we should keep an eye on it. 

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Weapon Eight

One of the best features of Dauntless in the weapon arsenal. Your weapons depend on your playstyle. Some players love to be in close quarters and some prefer to stand afar, but Dauntless covers all these playstyles. We have seen several weapon updates in the past and most recently, we have seen Aether Strikers coming into the game. However, there is another weapon in work according to the developers called weapon eight. 

Dauntless 2020
Image Credit: Phoenix Games
A More Aggressive Fauna

In Dauntless we have Behemoths right and these guys are pretty hard to kill. However, there are also smaller bosses in the maps. Sometimes you cannot find these guys but sometimes they are hard to kill and they will force you to consume your resources. In the past, we saw Styxians come into the game. However recently Phoenix Labs announced that they are working towards another addition and this time it will be very interesting to fight against. 

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New Cosmetic Slots

Cosmetics is one of the main features of MMO games. The ability to create our character the way we want is amazing and Dauntless is providing this. We have already seen some improvements in this regard. There will be head and back cosmetic slots in the future. However, expect more of this in 2020. 

Dauntless 2020
Image Credit: Phoenix Games
End of Hunt Experience in Dauntless

Currently Dauntless does not offer the easiest way of befriending people. However, in their Dauntless 2020 Roadmap, we can see that they are working on this feature. Soon we will see options like “Keep playing with the same party” or easy friending people for you to play together. Also, they are working on a more visual end of hunt screen.