New MMO coming out in 2020 – New World by Amazon

This coming May comes an MMORPG by Amazon Game Studios. Yes, that Amazon. The one you order two-day shipping from. They’re releasing an MMORPG. The studio, founded in 2012, mostly created games for their Amazon Appstore and Facebook, so New World and a handful of other games are going to be their first venture onto PC and consoles.

 If you take a look at the game, it gives you some very old-world vibes. It looks like we’re putting ourselves in the early days of colonization in America, except you’re playing in a world called Aeternum. If you’re looking for another World of Warcraft clone, then you’ll be sorely disappointed. However, if you’re looking for something new and refreshing, then that’s what Amazon game Studios are promising with New World. Amazon will be running the game on their own cloud tech. This allows an expansive and immersive world that will allow thousands of players to play together at once. Make sure you’re hardwired directly to your router if your Wi-Fi can’t handle the load. 

However, that allows players to work together, or against each other, in a world that will constantly grow due to player involvement. Create, build, defend, attack as a leader, a soldier, a gatherer, or a craftsman with your friends. When you’re not facing each other, you’re fighting together against the world itself, that is set out to destroy you and ensure that mankind is no more. New World looks to be an MMORPG that has a lot of ambition. However, we’re certain Amazon Game Studios can handle what it’s promising. Unfortunately for console players, New World will only be available on the PC, but you have plenty of time to save up as the game looks to release in the Spring of 2020.