New MMO Coming in 2020 – Corepunk

Corepunk is an MMORPG with an open seamless world that allows for endless possibilities. You can explore the world, participate in trading, complete dungeons, or engage in PvP battles. Each aspect of the game will be incentivised. There will be a rating system to encourage each type of activity.

When Does this Game Come Out?:

We are planning to start Open Beta Test in Q4 2020.

How Much Will the Game Cost?

The business model for Corepunk will be announced soon. We are fundamentally against the Pay-to-Win model.

Can I buy in-game items with real money?

Probably just cosmetic

What Kind of Game is this?

Yes, in the game, there will be standard archetypes: tank, support, healer, and DD, as well as in-between variations. It’s all up to the player’s choice. Our game design allow for very flexible character customization, for any playing style and role. A wide variety of builds is one of the key features of our game.

As a player you have a set of characters to choose from. Each character has 3 weapon specializations you can decide on. Each weapon specialization has a unique set of abilities and a unique gaming style. Also, all characters have 9 general branches of passive talents from which a player can pick 3, combining them as she/he sees fit. The game offers an interesting itemization via a system of artefacts, that will strengthen any combination of weapon specialization and passive talents. A player can get new abilities through artefacts.

What is Unique about this Game?

It’s responsive combat with tactical elements made possible by fog-of-war and the surrounding environment.

When killing a player, you’ll receive Karma Points. The amount of points awarded will depend on the difference between the level and equipment of you and the defeated player. Upon receiving a certain level of Karma points the player can receive criminal status. Player Killers are forbidden from entering regular cities and towns, and upon dying they lose an artifact from their slot. We would like to point out that for the killing of even one low level player you will get enough Karma Points to become a Player Killer. You will be able to lower your Karma Points by completing various tasks.

Should You Play?