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  • Title: Wildstar

  • Developer: Carbine Studios

  • Publisher: NCSOFT

  • Website: www.wildstar-online.com

Wildstar crosses fantasy and science fiction in this MMORPG. It was originally released in 2014 with a subscription system however the system was later removed in 2015 and the game became free to play.

Players can still opt-in to a subscription system for extra features and bonuses so that they quickly move through the levels; there is another method however and players can purchase an in-game item called C.R.E.D.D which is tradable with other players for currency which allows the player base to decide on the exchange rate between real money and in-game currency.

The game takes place in a fictional universe and on the recently discovered planet called Nexus; this newly discovered planet was once home to a hyper-advanced race of aliens known as The Eldan who have dissapeared. The planet is being fought over by the two factions hoping to control the lost technology left behind by the hyper-intelligent alien race. The Dominion is an intergalactic empire which was originally forged by The Eldan with the aim of controlling the galaxy; the other side is The Exiles, a group of refugees, exiles and outlaws who have been driven from their homeworlds by The Dominion.


Each faction has four unique races with both sides having one Human race; each of the races are different and each one has a backstory for why they fight for that faction along with general race roles. There are also six classes for the player to choose from which are made up of the classic MMO classes; there are several healers, warriors, assassins and magic wielders to choose from. Along with these, there are also some paths that are open to the player which are mostly for extra content so that the player is given more content that they’ll enjoy.

When creating a character the player is able to customize their looks with the highly detailed system made of preset looks and sliders. There is a lot for players to choose from here before they move on to selected class and their path.

Wildstar uses marked zones for combat, the area the attack will hit is shown on the floor which gives the player time to adjust their attack so that it hits and to also dodge attacks from enemies. There are numerous PvP zones in Wildstar where opposing factions can fight with each other almost anywhere in the world; there are also arenas, battlegrounds and Warplots where players fight each other in teams. The more organised PvP areas have set objectives that teams need to reach in order to win, the Warplot games are 30v30 where the teams need to build a warplot to increase defence and attack possibilities; victory is obtained when the player takes control of the other teams Warplot.

Wildstar has a lot of content for social players looking for something to play with their friends or with a group, the large scale battles are definitely a selling point for Wildstar. Solo players will not find this as entertaining as some other MMO’s but there is still definitely content here for them.

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