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  • Title: Tera
  • Developer: Bluehole Studio
  • Publishers: En Masse Entertainment, Gameforge, NHN Corporation
  • Website: en.tera.gameforge.com and also tera.enmasse.com

Tera is a fantasy MMORPG set in a war torn realm where evil lurks, waiting for a chance to strike at the first sign of any weakness.

When the game was originally released in 2011, it required a subscription to play however it was re-released in 2013 and the subscription was removed to make the game free to play. Players can still pay a monthy subscription for extra bonuses and also buy cosmetics from the cash store.

The primary government in the world is called the Valkyon Federation which is an alliance of races, unified against their foes and strengthened by defence pacts and by trade with each other. The federation is a peaceful one however there are still some internal and external conflicts between the races. There is one outside threat, destroying everything in it’s path with no clear motive; the Argon are not interested in resources or even vengeance, they just keep moving forwards through the land. This strange race had been dealt with in the past but they still exist. The Argot seem to be positioning themselves close to the borders of the Valkyon Federation making some wonder if they intend to attack while the allied races are distracted with their own conflicts.

Players have seven races to choose from including High Elves, a giant race called Baraka, draconic humanoids called the Aman and also some chibi races such as the animal-like race Popori. Some of the races are gender locked however the rest both gender’s available for play with their own unique ‘racial’ skills. There is also a diverse range of classes for the player to select from such as the Priest, Archer, Warrior and also a Gunner class which looks more based in science fiction than fantasy.

Character customization is done with various sliders to adjust features and create a unique character to play as.

Tera uses a real-time battle system with a third-person camera view which is unusual for a MMORPG; the player must target an enemy with their cross-hair to attack them instead of clicking on the target. The player also needs to actively dodge enemy attacks by dashing, jumping or dodging. Players can PvP in various ways such as in duels, deathmatches, guild battles and on PvP exclusive servers where player killing is possible.

Tera is a good starting point for new MMORPG players due to it’s combat style and high number of constant players; it’s great for social players and for PvP fans also. There is plenty of solo content with a wide variety of quests to complete.

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