Rift Online
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Title: Rift Online

Developer: Trion Worlds

Publisher: Trion Worlds

Website: www.riftgame.com

Rift Online is a fantasy free-to-play MMORPG and takes place within the world of Telara; it is only available for Windows PC .

The world of Telara is where the elemental planes of Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Life and Death all intersect with each other; each of them has their own dragon-deity which acts as the personification for that element.

The Dragon of Extinction caused the other deities to create an alliance called the Blood Storm with the purpose of invading the land so that they could control the intersection of the realms. In the past the alliance has been dealt with by the inhabitant with the aid of the most powerful native Gods; the Dragon of Extinction was thrown into the elemental Planes and its allies were trapped within Telara.

The Dragon of Extinction has found a way to enter Telara again and causing rifts to open in it’s wake ad he feeds the strength of the trapped dragons and searches for a way to destroy the inhabitants of the planet. This is the time the game takes place in the and the player takes on the rol of the Ascended, a resurrected super-warrior tasked to deal with the threat.


There are two main factions opposing the threat, the Guardians who follow the native Gods and the Defiant who do not follow those Gods. The two factions are in conflict with each other. Each faction has different classes available such the Guardians with their High Elves and Dwarves while the Defiant have the spirit-like Bahmi and the dark elves, Kelari. Players can choose from four classes to play which are standard for a MMORPG; each class has various ‘purposes’ which affect the playstyle of that character.

Character customization is done through various presets and with sliders; players can buy more color options in the game if they wish.

The combat in Rift has players selecting the abilities they wish to use and the enemy they wish to use them on; there are some attacks which as automated as well however. The player’s abilities are depended on the the ‘purpose’ they have selected so other players of the same class may not have the same abilities. Each class can have multiple roles in the PvE, PvP, parties and in raids; all classes can play each role available.

Rift Online is recommended for MMO players that want to put a lot of time into a game; one of the issues with Rift is that it can take quite a long time to level up which can be frustrating for some players. It’s great for social play with guilds, PvP, raids and parties to join; it can also be relatively fun for solo players as there’s a detailed storyline to follow.

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