The LFMMO today is from a user by the name of Mortimus. Mortimus is looking for a Hardcore MMORPG. The more challenging the better. He is looking for a game with a lot of endgame content like raids. One thing he did specify is for the game not be TERA Online. So let’s get started.

mentioned that It’s okay if there is a cash shop (as long as the game is not EverQuest 2) since that is expected with a free to play MMO.


Our first Recommendation is RIFT. This game would be a great choice for Mortimus as it offers several types of instances including Dungeons and Raids.


You can group up with 4 other players for dungeons which come in three different types of difficulties Normal, Expert or Master. The master dungeons can be challenging and you have to think of unique strategies for each of the encounters. Similar to other MMOs, your main goal for doing these dungeons is to acquire higher level items and currencies to use throughout the game. In addition to Dungeons, players may also choose to enter 10-man or 20-man Raids which require teamwork and good equipment to be successful. Raids are considered end-game content and contain the toughest encounters Rift has to offer.

What really differentiates RIFT from other MMOs is the concept of rifts or tears in the gameworld. RIFTs are global events which appear randomly and have no set time. These are not instances where you need a group of people to participate to enter. They occur naturally in the game and any player can take part in this event. You can be out in the world of Telara and see an icon pop up indicating where a RIFT is. There can even be multiple Rifts in a specific area at the same time. Not all RIFTs are the same as each RIFT has a primal element associated with it. They can either be Air, Death, Earth, Fire, Life or Water.

Each RIFT goes through several stages, each stage becoming more difficult than the last. If you are able to defeat the mobs and bosses coming out of the Rift in a designated timeframe then a bonus stage will start. These can be challenging but could yield some good rewards if completed. If you really want something challenging, Nightmare rifts might be up your alley. You and a group of players can take on a Nightmare rift which is an endless rift that progressively gets harder.

Another type that would interest Mortimus would be a Raid Rift. A Raid Rift  is designed for 10 players. These are meant to be organized encounters with a raid group. Similar to normal rifts, raid rifts have several stages. Each stage of the rift has a 15 minute closing timer. If you have not completed the stage within the allotted time, the rift will reset and your group must start over.

Our second recommendation would be Elder Scrolls Online. Elder Scrolls is a very well known franchise and this is the first massively multiplayer game in the series. Similar to previous Elder Scrolls the majority of the gameplay is non-linear.


The leveling system is unique, when you hit max level in this game you start to level up additional levels called Veteran Levels. While ESO has the typical MMO Endgame content of tiered raids, it is the veteran system that makes this game stand out. The higher your Veteran Levels get the more content you unlock. Content includes veteran dungeons, zones, and trials. Veteran dungeons are the same dungeons you visited on before hitting max level but include additional areas and quests. Veteran Zones, similar to veteran dungeons, are the normal zones you’ve already encountered but have a higher difficulty. Players are able to complete more quests, experience new storylines, obtain achievements, discover new locations and even more.

Something that would be of great interest to Moritmus would be Trials. Trials are only available to the highest level veterans and are optimized for groups of 12 players. They are essentially very large, difficult dungeons with a few twists. First of all in a Trial you get a limited number of resurrections, when all these resurrections are used up the trial fails and is reset. If you want to continue to do that trial you must start the Trial all over. Each Trial has tough monsters and bosses but for those willing to challenge themselves you can complete the trial as quick as possible. To add another element to the game, there are also Trial leaderboards which reward groups who complete the Trials faster than the rest. This could be an added bonus for those who enjoy raiding.

Our final recommendation is World of Warcraft. Still the most played MMO, there are several reasons this game would satisfy your needs especially if you are looking to raid.


You can join a guild that raids or if you would like to raid on your own schedule you can do LFR. LFR is a new system that World of Warcraft introduced and if you couldn’t guess it, stands for “Looking for Raid” and is a way for you to queue up to join other random players if you’re interested in queuing on your own. A word of caution though, LFR is the easiest difficulty when doing raids since you are working with a bunch of other random people. Even if your raid wipes you will get a buff for each player that will help with the next fight.

Since you mentioned you are looking for hardcore raids, WoW would be a good choice because there are websites like which tracks guild progression across all servers. You can see how competitive getting first kills are in this game.

World of Warcraft has been around for over 10 years and with the Legion expansion coming out you can expect some challenging new boss fights.

So those are our 3 recommendations: Rift, Elder Scrolls Online and World of Warcraft. Try each one or all of them out and let us know what you think. Until next time.

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