Abraxxus is looking for a Martial Arts / Kung Fu Themed MMO. He says that all of the MMOs he has played have either been fantasy or sci-fi theme and he is ready for something different. He would like to play a unique class that really reflects the martial arts kung fu theme.


Our first recommendation is Blade and Soul. You are in luck as this game has been long awaited and recently came out a couple of weeks ago. This game is Martial Arts themed and would be a good fit for what you are looking for. This game is free to play and with it just being released there are a bunch of people playing it right now.


Currently there are over one million players which is a great start and NCSoft has already promised they will have a regular schedule of content updates and patches to further enhance gameplay and the overall Blade & Soul experience.

Let’s review the classes that are available for you to play in this game.

Train as one of seven classes, each with their own strengths, defenses, abilities, and devastating combos

Blade Master: As the name suggests this class wields a sword. They are quick and are able to evade attacks and do damage to their foes with amazing accuracy.

Destroyer: Destroyers provoke enemies into attacking them. You can think of them as a tank and are all about brute strength and being in the front of combat. Once they have their opponent’s attention, they overpower all who stand in their way with their giant axe.

Summoner: They harness the power of nature to control and attack foes. You can use a familiar (similar to a companion) to fight alongside you in battle. One useful aspect is that you can transfer health from yourself to your familiar

Force Master: They utilize the elements to fight enemies. Either torch enemies with flames, freeze them with ice or blast them with energy to keep them away.

Kung Fu Master: No weapons needed with the class. They can use their armored fists to deal damage to others.

Assassin: Stealthy fighters that try and catch their enemies off-guard and dispose of them before they can even counter.

Blade Dancer: These also use swords but use quick strikes to deal with their opponents. Use phantom grip to grab and throw an enemy in the air.

Our second recommendation is Age of Wushu also known as Age of Wulin in China this game launched in North America on April 2013.


In this game players start by selecting one of the eight factions to use in the game: Shaolin, Wudang, Emei, Beggars’ Sect, Tang Clan, Scholar’s Academy, Royal Guard and Blissful Valley. Here’s a little more information on each of the factions. If you’re unsure of what faction to choose,   you can look at the weapons each offers and it might help with your choice. Wudang’s use swords or twin swords. Shaolin use staff and fists, Beggar’s use palms as their main weapon but could also use staves or sticks. Emei (e-may) is a women-only faction and they use twin daggers, Scholars use swords but also use musical instruments as weapons, Tang use daggers and flying darts. The last  two factions. Blissful Valley and Royal Guards are considered evil. Blissful Valley uses twin broadswords while Royal Guards utilize Eagle’s claw and chain.

Each faction has their own specific skill so if you for some reason decide to leave that faction you will lose the abilities of that faction.

You’ll improve your character by learning new skills through participating in PVE and PVP content. You can also gain faction specific skills but fair warning, if you leave that faction you also lose that specific skill.

Whatever you are doing in the game whether it be fighting mobs or crafting you will earn cultivation points. Cultivation points are used to upgrade your fighting skills. There is also a reputation system, do something good and you will be awarded Chivalry, do something bad you will earn Guilt.

Combat in the game contains actual martial arts moves but also includes movie-like super-human abilities like jumping on rooftops and walking on water. There are no traditional levels and instead the game is focused on a skill based system. Combat depends on skill proficiency rather than any assigned numerical value.

Our final recommendation is Swordsman Online. Released in July 2014, this MMO is based off the novel The Smiling, Proud Wanderer by Jin Yong, the best selling Chinese writer alive.


This game focuses on action oriented combat and relies heavily on player skill versus equipment and stats. This is great for people who are looking to compete vs other players. As you progress through the story, the environment and NPCs change around you. The choices you make are important and pave the way to your overall game experience.

At level 5 you get to choose your school which is different than standard MMOs where you pick your class right off the bat. This seems to be a running theme with martial arts themed MMO’s There are 10 different school options available: Shaolin, Wu-tang, Five Venoms, Splendor, Infinity, Sun and Moon Cult, Zephyr, House Tong, Harmony, and E’mei. Choosing a school is focused around what items and elements you want to use. Each of the schools has 3 different fighting styles and have specific abilities and weapons associated with it.

Infinity: Twin rapiers   Wu-Tang: Claymore

Shaolin: Male only school that uses cudgel  Five Venoms (Female only) – Whip

Splendor: Longsword   Harmony: Zither weapon  

Sun and Moon: Melee and ranged. Daggers   Zephyr: Ranged Control AOE, Inkfan

House Tong, ranged attacks, Trigger weapon   E’mei: Both attack and defense with staff

So those are our three recommendations: Blade and Soul, Age of Wushu, and Swordsman Online. Try them out and let us know what you think. Until next time!

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