Weetyi writes that he looking for a Free to Play MMO as he  is tired of having to pay a monthly subscription fee. His playstyle listed is Semi-Casual. One main thing he is looking for in a new MMO is Open World PVP. He wants to be able to PVP when he wants to and not have to queue up for a battleground. He also mentioned that It’s okay if there is a cash shop (as long as the game is not EverQuest 2) since that is expected with a free to play MMO.


Okay, our first recommendation is Guild Wars 2. This game has been out since 2012 and has had a consistent number of players playing due to its subscription model and it’s fanbase from the first Guild Wars. Prior to August 2015 you had to purchase the base game but there was no monthly fee. With the release of the new expansion, the base game is now free and there is still no monthly subscription fee. Exactly what Weetyi is looking for.


In terms of Open World PVP, Guild Wars 2 doesn’t exactly have it but instead has a unique PVP system called World vs World. While it isn’t truly open world PvP it does contain many of the same elements that make it exciting for players. A little background on World versus World (also known as W v W) it is a Player versus Player game mode where players from three different worlds, or servers, battle in the Mists. It features open-world combat on five large maps with up to several hundreds of players per map. In World versus World, players can overcome objectives such as Keeps and Towers with siege weapons, and battle over resources to win rewards for their world and World Experience for themselves.

This game does have a cash shop called the Gem Store which allows players to purchase various items using gems as currency. Gems can only be purchased with real life money.

The Gem Store offers up a bunch of cosmetic things to buy including equipment skins and outfits. There are also special consumables, dye kits, and gathering tools. Other things offered in the gem store include account services like character modifications, toys including miniatures and musical instruments.

Besides the criteria for Open World PVP, I think the unique PVP system would be a good substitute and would make Guild Wars 2 a solid choice.

Our next recommendation is TERA Online. Currently TERA Online is the #1 most popular MMO on Steam. You can be confident there will be tons of players playing this game. TERA was one of the first MMO’s to do action combat correctly. Another plus is that the game is free to play.


In terms of Open World PVP they have the Outlaw system. This pretty much means that at level 11, you get a quest to learn how to declare Outlaw status. When you are in active Outlaw status, you are able to attack anyone over the level 11 but they can also attack you as well. A word of caution, attacking players 6 levels or more from your current level will yield you a penalty so it might be best to always fight those around your level.

Let’s talk about the Cash Shop: Yes they have one which includes costume, weapon skins, mounts and other items. You can also get discounts on things in the cash shop if you sign up for Elite Status which is a monthly subscription fee but this is completely option. With this you get boosts, store discounts, and other convenience items like the ability to bookmark and travel to five locations or a crafter potion to help with your production points.

Our final recommendation is Star Wars: The Old Republic. Who wouldn’t be interested in playing an MMO set in the Star Wars Universe? This game takes place more than 3,500 years before the events in the Star Wars films so knowing the history or watching the movies are not a requirement to this game and won’t affect your experience.


With the release of the new Star Wars film there has been a resurgence in the popularity of this game. Known as the ‘fastest growing MMO ever’ reaching one million subscribers within three days of launch the game lost a ton of subscriptions for various reasons. But recently the game has seen a large increase in player base due to the switch to free to play.

This game does have Open World PVP if you join a PVP server. You can also queue up for instanced PvP zones called Warzones. They have a great array of different game mode types, but my favorite would definitely have to be huttball. In this Warzone, each side attempts to grab the ball at the center of the field and taking it across the opposing team’s endline.

There is a Cash Shop in SWTOR but most items are cosmetic like outfits or mounts.

So those are our 3 recommendations: Guild Wars 2, Tera Online, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. Any of those games will be able to fit your open world PVP desire.

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