Today we help Kamilune find a semi-casual fantasy or anime themed MMO that is not World of Warcraft.

What are you looking for?: I am looking for a new MMORPG to play. Ideally it would be Fantasy or Anime themed (I am not sure there are much anime MMOs out right now though)
What games have you previously played?: World of Warcraft. That was my first and only MMORPG I have played. It is a fun game but with Legion expansion coming out next year I figure I wait till that and try new games till then.
What is your playstyle (Casual,Semi-Casual,Hardcore)?: I would consider myself Semi-Casual. I do like to do max level stuff like raids but not every week. I would like a game where I can jump in for a hour or so a day or week and still make progression on my character.
Any preferred mechanics?: Nothing specifically. I am open to anything
Anything specific you want to exclude?: If the game is Free to Play that would be ideal since I don’t have a set play schedule.


Okay Kamilune. Afer reading your criteria, the first game I would recommend off the bat is Wildstar.


Wildstar fits your fastasy themed requirement even though it leans a little more toward sci-fi fantasy.. The game is an open world MMORPG which you were looking for and there is a good number of people playing this game right now as it just turned Free to Play. Another plus for a semi-casual player like yourself.

Since the only MMORPG  game you’ve played is World of Warcraft, it would be easy for you to jump tight into Wildstar as the setup is similar. There is the good side, the Exile, and the bad, the Dominion. There are 6 classes in the game: Warrior, Engineer, Spellslinger, Esper, Stalker and Medic. Although different names, each class could easily be correlated to the classes in WoW. A Spellslinger is similar to a mage while a Stalker can be likened to a rogue. While this game is similar to WoW I think once you start playing you’ll  notice some differences and unique aspects to this game for instance an  Engineer being a ranged tank.

Other differences are the Movement and Combat mechanics which make the game interesting you can double jump, sprint and dash.

Combat in Wildstar is focused around telegraphs, you can think of telegraphs as zones that are displayed on the ground. Red zones are bad and you should avoid them or get damaged! But green zones are good and are healing spells from your allies.

Each player can also have a plot of land where they can build and customize their own house. I’m a big collector so one of my favorite things was trying to find unique items to place on my land. Items can range from simple things like decor, to more useful items like gardens when you can farm materials. There were also some items that were sort of mini-games which you can play and receive a reward if you completed it.

Throughout your time in Wildstar you can be questing, doing dungeons with friends, or PVP against other players, or visiting other peoples homes.

Overall Wildstar would be a solid choice as it offers all the things you were looking for!

Next Recommendation… Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn


This is another great MMORPG. But I wanted to first call out that fact that I would not consider this game to be casual friendly. But since you mentioned you are looking for something semi-casual, I stilt hought this would be a good fit. Questing and traveling through zones isn’t as simple and straightforward like in World of Warcraft and does require a bit more thinking. While this game is a bit more complex in some aspects, it can lead to a very rewarding experience.

This game fits your fantasy theme, just look at the name Final FANTASY.

Final Fantasy XIV went through a relaunch in 2013 and I personally think the changes they made and the things they worked on have made this a solid MMO. Square Enix listened to their players and were able to craft an MMO worth playing. With this relaunch and their shift to free to play, the player base has seen a significant growth.

Here is some more specific information about the game that I felt would be appealing to what you were looking for.

Classes are broken up into four disciplines, War, Magic, Hand, and Land. Your character can be any class as long as they are wielding a specific weapon. Want to play another class? Switch your weapon. This is great if you are interested in only focusing on one character but are interested in trying out a wide range of classes.

Partying with allies is also a little more fun in FFXIV. Strategy and teamwork is different but very important in this game. In order to acquire the opportunity to use the special group ability “Limit Break” members of your party have to be performing their role exceptionally well.

Whether or not you’re familiar with previous Final Fantasies, then you’re in store for some great end game content when you reach max level including some interesting bosses.

Our last recommendation is Dragomon Hunter.


Since you specifically called out that you are looking for an anime themed MMORPG I thought I throw this in there. While I don’t think this game is as fleshed out and popular as the previous recommendations I thought it would be worth a try. This game actually just got release a couple of months ago and it would be a good time for you to check it out.

Just a bit of a disclaimer here, I just recently started playing this game so I don’t know everything about it. But I do know that several people have been comparing this game to monster hunter which is a good thing. In this game you are trying to collect the different Dragomons by defeating them in battle.

A big thing people focus on in this game is getting Dragomon mounts, the system basically goes like this: You kill a dragomon and it has a chance to drop regular items and gear, and sometimes it will spawn an egg or a chest after its dead. You can only get mounts from the eggs/chest.

Even if an egg/chest spawns, its not 100% you’ll get a mount. The 3 things you get from the eggs/chest is a trophy(accessory), a 1-day mount of the monster you killed, a perm mount of the monster you killed.

There are four classes you can choose from Cleric, Mage, Mercenary and Scout.

No matter what class you play you are accompanied by Hoppalong. Which pretty much looks like a bunny. But each Hoppalong has their own classes and skills.

Hopefully you try it for yourself to see if its a good fit. It is free to play after all!

So those are my three recommendations: Wildstar, Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn, and Dragomon Hunter. Hopefully you try them out and find the one the best fits you. Until next time!

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