Guild Wars 2
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  • Title: Guild Wars 2
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Guild Wars 2 is unique for a MMORPG as the storyline is responsive to the players’ actions in the game; this is something that is seen in many single player RPGs however it is rare in multiplayer ones. Like with the previous game, Guild Wars 2 did require the player to purchase the game but it had no subscription fee however this was changed in 2015 when the base game became free-to-play.

The MMORPG is set in the fantasy world of Tyria where a disbanded guide called Destiny’s Edge has re-emerged to fight the Elder Dragons. It takes place around 250 years after the original Guild Wars and since that time the Five Elder Dragons have re-awoken causing massice destruction and corrupting the inhabitants of the world. To save the world the player must reunite Destiny’s Edge in order to defeat the Elder Dragons.

The story is split into several ‘seasons’ which the player needs to complete; it begins with the “Personal Story” and is then followed by Season 1 and 2. The first Person Story section of the game is player focused and is where the player builds their character as an individual through private chapters that are specific to that character.


Guild Wars 2 customization is very detailed; when the player first creates their character they also make various choices to develop their characters personality, history and also their hopes and dreams. The choices made here will combine to create the unique personal story which will bend to suit the player. There are five main races for the player to choose from and each one is unique; the race selected will affect the Personal Story also by changing the options the player can select from. The classes or ‘Professions’ are varied and each one provides a different play-style which is very different to the others; the Engineer and the Thief classes have very different play-styles which can make them feel unique to Guild Wars 2.

Combat in Guild Wars 2 has a tactical element to it as the position on the battlefield can be very important, there are also environmental weapons which can be used to gain an advantage in a fight such as a wine bottle and even robotic siege golems. Every profession has a different range of skills and abilities to use in battle and players can team up to perform combo attacks for extra damage. There a dungeons for groups to play through, PvP areas and even World vs World for fights of an epic scale between factions.

Guild Wars 2 is highly recommended for people who love creating their own story and making choices that matter; social players will enjoy the more social aspects of the game and even solo players can get involved with PvP and the epic WvW fights.

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