Elite: Dangerous
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  • Title: Elite: Dangerous
  • Developer: Frontier Developments
  • Publisher: Frontier Developments
  • Website: www.elitedangerous.com

Elite: Dangerous is a MMO set in space with a realistic 1:1 scale open world; the galax the game takes place in is based on the the Milky Way galaxy. It was funded by by a Kickstarter game originally and was released in 2014 for Windows PC with support for other operating systems coming in the next year. Virtual reality devices such as the Oculus Rift are even supported for players to use.

Set far in the future and around 45 years after the release of the previous game in the series, it still keeps the same basic premise of the previous games; the MMO is about the players journey in the open galaxy. Players begin with a spaceship and some money then they are sent into the galaxy to build their own path and story in whatever way they choose; there are legal and illegal paths in the game such as trading, mining, piracy and even assassinations.

The billions of star systems contain planets and moons that orbit and rotate in real-time giving all of them dynamic day and night cycles; players can go down to planet surfaces also and explore the landscape. Players can dock with space stations and outposts to trade, these are where players can find new missions, trade goods and buy a new spaceship from.

Spaceships can be customized with weapons, equipment and also a wide variety of cosmetics such as paint and decals. The decals for ships are earned in-game and paint can be bought from the store. There are a variety of roles the player can choose to take on, these are not set and any player can be one if they have the needed equipment; there are six main roles and each are equally profitable. Aside from the mail roles there are also other roles the player could choose to take on, however these may not be as profitable.

Combat in Elite: Dangerous takes place in the form of ‘dogfights’ where the spaceships fight with each other; there are various combat roles a player can take and combat can be initiated at any point in the game with other players. PvP can happen almost anywhere in the game and there are no exclusive servers for it. It is also possible to steal from other players by raiding their ship.

Elite: Dangerous is recommended for science fiction lovers; the world the game takes place in is vast and players can come under at attack if they get too close to the wrong person however as the world is so large, the chance of running into another player is very slim. Solo players will most likely really enjoy this one as it’s full of solo content, social players will also enjoy it as most content can be done together and a group is better protected in the open galaxy.

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